First blog post (Dec 2017)

This is the post excerpt.

Last Wednesday, Dec 6 I found out that I was chosen to be an Ambassador to the Youngstown Marathon.   I couldn’t contain my excitement; I was ecstatic….I cried tears of joy. To think that I….the little girl who grew up loving all sports is still getting to do what she loves at 38 years old!   Let me go back a step – I grew up playing summer softball since I was in Kindergarten, starting with tee-ball, parents pitch…and so on.   In Middle School I ran track in 7th and 8th grade.  There were no fall sports for girls in the 1990’s (we didn’t have soccer or volleyball).   I remember conditioning in the winter months for middle school track and all we did was laps in the hallways at the old Austintown Middle School.  Me and another girl, Jenn, were the only ones that could run the entire practice without stopping and we always “lapped” the other girls in the hallways.  Next thing I knew it was time for the first meet and I found myself running the 1 mile and 100 m dash.   I remember being kind of upset that I had to run the mile, it was SO far back then! HA  Once I got to Austintown Fitch High School I played volleyball, basketball, and softball leaving my running days behind….except for when the coaches “punished” us during conditioning or because of a bad game the night before.   At Fitch I broke a few basketball records (leading rebounder girls & boys in a career,  number of rebounds in a game, and number of rebounds in a season.  But my true love was volleyball because it did NOT come easy for me….I had to work at it, but I lovedthe strategy behind volleyball plays….I even loved defense!   That led me to Thiel College where I started all four years for the Lady Tomcats and broke 8 school records as a middle hitter!   I majored in Mathematics, along with Secondary Education.   After graduating from Thiel College; I coached for numerous years at Ravenna High School, where I currently teach (year 17). I have coached Varsity Volleyball and Softball, Winter cheerleading, and middle school girl’s basketball.  After retiring from coaching, I realized that I had 2-3 extra hours per evening which led me to my running career starting in 2012…..I haven’t stopped since…which leads me to today and this blog.

Hope you liked my introduction ~ stay tuned, much more to come.

XoXo     Christina



Week 6 recap #runtheyo @yomarathon


Well let me start by saying it’s April 19 and I drove to work in a heavy hail storm and now it’s snowing and we are expected to get 1-2 inches….did I mention it’s APRIL 19! I’m so over it and so is my body.  Last weekend’s temperatures were in the upper 70’s with full sunshine, it was glorious!  I set out on the trail for a 16 mile run while my Dad (s/o to the best Dad ever!) rode his bike alongside of me. I hydrated like I normally do and had a great healthy, filling breakfast a few hours ahead of time, then a nutritious snack prior to my run. Well, by mile 2 I felt a bit dizzy and lightheaded but I didn’t want to mention it to my Dad and I knew it would pass. It passed by mile 3, so I figured I was fine. I didn’t take into account the UV level of sunshine at a 7 out of 10 (I’m basically a meteorologist at this point). I am so used to the trail in the summer and fall that I figured we would be shaded from all the trees, well, I forgot there are NO leaves on the trees yet. As much as I enjoy sunshine (tan year round HA), I started to cramp in the back of both calves at mile 8.  It was only at the halfway point, so I chugged some water and had a gu and figured I could run through it and the cramps in my legs would work themselves out.   I was doing pretty well until mile 14 and then the cramping became full blown charlie horses in the back of my calves and I was sick to my stomach at mile 14.5 on the side of the trail (I’m not going into detail, but it wasn’t pretty).   I thought I would feel better but it got worse by mile 15.5 my cramping was horrendous on both calves and now the front of both shins too.  I was literally screaming in pain but still running at the same time.  I looked down at both my feet because something felt terrible; I noticed that both of my feet were pointing outwards because now my feet were cramping up too.  But, I just kept pushing for that last half mile.  I finished in a time of 2:33:22 hrs, which was 36 minutes faster (3:09:40 hrs) than last spring’s marathon training.  I collapsed at mile 16 to rub out the cramps, still screaming and now tears rolling down my cheeks. But, I DID IT….I pushed through.   I hydrated after and actually had to drink salt (by itself) that my Dad poured into a cup for me while I continued to stretch and hydrate.  I honestly think it was a freak thing because the temperature was exactly 50 degrees warmer than it had been the weekend before on my long run.  To wrap up week 5, I did a 15 mile run in 28 degrees. My long run for week 6 was 16 miles and it was 78 degrees. For this training cycle, temperatures have only been mostly in the 30’s with a few days in the 40’s, and one 50 degree run.

I emailed my training partner Lauren in Washington, D.C and she reminded me to HYDRATE and also listen to my body. I needed extra hydration the next few days after this incident and also needed extra rest and sleep. As much as I want the temperatures to warm up, I would appreciate a gradual warm-up. I will adjust and become better for it. I will learn to #smilethroughthesuck but, also my Dad keeps reminding me that these are “training runs” for a reason and that I will learn and grow from them in my quest to become a better runner.

#44moredays until the @yomarathon #runtheyo

Until next time.



Week 5 complete #runtheyo @yomarathon

IMG_5570 (1) Just a little silliness after today’s cold run

Last week started with Easter Sunday, I wanted to enjoy the time with family so I got up super early to get a lift in before Mass then hustled after to get a 3 mile recovery run in after 10 miles the day before.   The weather here is still really crappy so I shifted my runs around so that I could get a run in on “Easter Monday” because I had the day off; got in 7 miles through the neighborhood.  My allergies have really been acting up so Friday night I chilled and relaxed (almost impossible for my Type A personality). HA  My eyes have been so swollen and my throat always feels swollen/sore, it’s all due to allergies though; running outdoors really agitates it.  I also think I was really nervous Friday night knowing that I had a 15 mile run to do on Saturday and the weather people were predicting snow.  I woke up Saturday morning to 3 inches of snow on the ground and temps in the 20’s. I was panicked; however I waited until noon to run and the snow had cleared off the trail. It was a GREAT 15 mile run. My long runs I always compare my times from last year and it was literally 35 minutes faster than my 2017 run on the same weekend. That made me feel really good. I’m still looking forward to running in nicer weather with a lot less layers of clothes!

Last week was also very stressful at work and I am grateful that I have other things to look forward to such as my runs and weight lifting sessions. Physical activity keeps me motivated and focused.  I also met with a gym friend last night to discuss remedies for my allergies, as well as nutrition. I find it difficult at times to get the nutrition that I need to fuel my runs and lifting sessions because I’m a pescatarian and dairy free, plus the fact that I don’t cook and I really don’t like anything (I’m a blast, I know!)

I ran into a good gym friend this morning and we talked about running (S/O to Kristy) and she said she would like to start running. So of course I told her all about the Youngstown 5K, half marathon and full marathon. I told her I would design a program for her to run the 5K (it’s 8 weeks from today); including 3 run days/week and 1 recovery walk day.  I find it such an honor to pass along my love of running to others. If anyone else is interested, I can help you form a program too….it’s NEVER to late to start.  Plus, it gives you a goal in the future to keep you motivated….pick a race and go from there. I also love the Fourth of July 4 miler in Canfield (S/O to Second Sole) or the Youngstown Panerathon in late August.

In the words of Darius Rucker (love old school Hootie & the Blowfish), “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”  If you’re interested in running, send me a message.

Looking forward to Week 6 of training. #runtheyo @yomarathon.

Until next time,



Training Recap: Weeks 1-4

IMG_5476 (1)@yomarathon   #runtheyo

Full Marathon on June 3, 2018

I was glad to get training underway and to “settle” into a routine. I swear that I am more nervous before something starts, than I am to actually start. Type A…go figure!  First day of training on March 4, 2018: 39 degrees and sunny….which was 2 degrees warmer than my run today on April 1 !  Never mind, don’t get me started on this weather!  I ran 16 runs during the first four weeks, running 4 times per week and lifting 6 times per week. My long runs were always on Saturdays, except for 1 weekend when I moved it because of the Howland Tiger Run 5K.

I’ve learned a lot during this month of training. The running does not get any easier training for my second Full Marathon; however, I know what to expect this time around.  I switched my run days around this time to allow for changes in the weather, life, work, etc.  I’ve also been trying to run different routes, neighborhoods or areas compared to the first time around. I also feel like my recovery is different this time too….I know what’s coming in the future weeks and how to properly let my body rest. I saw a meme today and it was asking a runner what they are doing this weekend and the young lady said, “I have a long run this weekend and I’m spending the rest of the weekend recovering from that long run.”  That really made me laugh because it’s true; but also because there is life outside of running and laundry still needs done, the bed needs changed, meal prep, housework, etc…and I don’t even have children! HA  Also, I am always finding myself at the mechanics (shout out to my boy, Larry) or at the Ford dealership with tire issues! ugh….why can’t I just put it in “D” and go!?!

Weather conditions:

Temps in the 20’s: 4 runs

Temps in the 30’s: 10 runs

Temps in the 40’s: 2 runs

4 of those runs were in snow &/or rain……also 75% of those runs had 10+ mph winds. I swear in my first life I was a meteorologist. Shout out to Rich Morgan, WKBN Weatherman who participated in the Youngstown Marathon last year!

My hopes for the next four weeks ……definitely warmer weather, less precipitation (rain or snow), less wind!  But most importantly, to run healthy, run strong, run with purpose, and continue my love of running.   P.s…..sunshine too, please!

Keep working hard runners!

Until next time…..xoxo


Austintown Fitch Athletic Hall of Fame

(above pictures: 7th grade ’91, 9th grade ’93, 12th grade ’96)

I was finishing my ab workout in the gym yesterday, when an older gentleman stopped me and said, “What do you love more than working out and running?”  I looked at him, puzzled for a moment, because his question came out of nowhere.  After my immediate hesitation, I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Nothing…I love nothing more than working out and running.” Which leads me to one of my most proud accomplishments as an adult: I found out that I will be inducted this September to the Austintown Fitch Athletic Hall of Fame. I was elated when I received the phone call from Mr. Bokesh to tell me this great news.  Mr. Bokesh was my Principal at Austintown Middle School from the Fall of 1989 – Spring of 1993 where I was a tall, skinny, awkward kid.  I played basketball and ran track; there were no fall sports offered for girls back in the early 90’s.  I use the term “played” basketball loosely because most of the time I was sitting on the bench. We had an “A team” and a “B team” back then, it didn’t matter if you were in seventh or eighth grade.  Seventh grade I barely played, spent most of my time on the bench. In eighth grade, I started on the “B team.”  It stunk and I was embarrassed but I wasn’t quite coordinated enough for my height yet…..my mind hadn’t caught up with my height and Lord knows, my athletic ability wasn’t there yet either.  I remember working my butt off that summer and always shooting hoops in my driveway; constantly trying to talk my sister, Mom, or Dad into playing me one-on-one.  That summer I also went out for the JV Volleyball team and I made it.  It was the first time I ever played competitive volleyball. I had grown up watching my Mom play volleyball on Monday nights in the Fitch small gym as part of the Adult Education Program.  I recall “bumping” the volleyball with my little sister…never knowing it was officially calling “passing” a volleyball. LOL  I also remember my Mom letting me serve a few times and I remember being really strong and the only kid in middle school gym class that could serve overhand.   I did a pretty decent job playing JV Volleyball in ninth grade……..then my whole athletic world changed……

I tried out for the Austintown Fitch Girl’s Basketball team in Ninth grade.  I made the Varsity team as a STARTER!!  I couldn’t believe it!  In fact, I never even said the words aloud until I brought my uniform home.  I still didn’t tell my parents that I was starting on Varsity, I think they just thought I would get some Varsity playing time.  My main job was to BOX OUT and get every REBOUND possible!!  I remember even taking rebounds from my own teammates because the coaches just kept telling me to get Every.Single.Rebound!!  After the first game, I remember sitting in Fitch’s cafeteria at lunch time and a friend saying to me, “I heard you only made Varsity because you are tall?!”  I felt crushed, but I knew it was true……but so what, I am tall and it’s basketball,  I’m going to make something of this opportunity.   That Freshman year we beat Boardman twice (nemesis) and were THIRD in the State of Ohio Division I ! I broke a few records: leading rebounder in a game, leading rebounder in a season, leading rebounder at Fitch (boys and girls, sorry Tony Camuso)! HA  During these four years at Fitch playing basketball and volleyball, I learned a lot about myself. I learned my strengths, weaknesses, overcame injuries, learned how to be a teammate, but most importantly, I became an athlete.

Athletics is my world….my everything….it’s who I am ….it’s my identity.  I am beyond honored, humbled, and appreciative to be inducted into the Austintown Fitch Athletic Hall of Fame. It is my hope that I can help all female athletes attain their full athletic potential even after their high school athletic career is over.  Athletes keep going, young or old, follow me as I continue my athletic endeavor of completing my second full Youngstown Marathon this June #runtheyo

Until next time



Week 1 Youngstown Marathon Training #runtheyo @youngstownmarathon

Ok, so week 1 is officially in the books. I am honestly at my best when I am training for an event.  As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I’m always anxious in the weeks leading up to beginning my training for a race.  The thing that makes this training different is that it’s not my first marathon, this is my second.  I know what my body likes and does not like. I know how to balance my weekly long runs, recovery runs, speed work, etc.  The major difference this time though is I’m going to continue my weight lifting journey along with my marathon training. Last spring, for the June marathon, I only lifted slightly and dedicated everything to my runs. This time I want to balance my approach with my training through running, weight lifting, and core strengthening.

I decided that I would not get up early to lift before work, well that lasted FOUR days!  I hate lifting after work, the gym is way to crowded for me. It makes me feel uncomfortable, always having someone “breathing down my neck” waiting to use the equipment that I was using……my head was always screaming, “step back!” HA  So, I have gone back to my super early morning lifting sessions and my runs are in the afternoon after work.  I have found myself thinking that temperatures in the low 30’s are warm…..compared to single digit temps with wind chills in the negatives, I’ll take the 30’s any day.  It’s still always snowing here; however, it doesn’t seem to be accumulating as much.   We have plenty of weeks with constant rain though.  Anyway, it’s only March so probably at least 3 more weeks of winter-like conditions. I should just stop now, I could go on and on about the weather (just ask my Mom, she hates it). Shout out to Shellllyyyyyyy!

I have also embraced running through my local neighborhoods on my runs less than 10 miles. I sort of feel like the “neighborhood watch” runner.  LOL  Plus, when I run in the neighborhoods I run all over town; but when I run the trail it’s always an “out and back” run which gets sort of boring. However, for my long runs greater than 10 miles, I’m going to stick with the trail runs. I’ve even tried running through dirt and/or crushed gravel roads in Lake Milton for a change of scenery.  No matter where I run though, it is a lot more enjoyable in dry conditions with SUNSHINE!  Sunshine, and even cold temperatures, will always put a smile on my face….once again it all comes back to weather. ugh!

I am looking forward to week 2 of my training. My long run is 12 miles this Saturday, I’ve consistently kept a baseline of 10 miles throughout my off season running. So, 12 will be fun….in a few weeks, 12 miles will be an “easy day.” LOL  I love having a training schedule..this is me, I love going to bed super early to get up at an insane hour to lift. I love hitting the pavement after work to run. This is me at my best….

“if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

― Marilyn Monroe

My worst will come when I’m tired after a long run, worn out from getting up early, exhausted after work or just plain hungry which turns into hangry (hungry -angry)!

Onto week 2 of training for the Youngstown Marathon #runtheyo

Until next week,

XoXo  (the pic below is me showing the #1 for week 1)

Christina IMG_5169

The Final Countdown

Well it’s finally March (7 hours to go) and my official Youngstown Marathon training starts in 4 days…..4 days!  I can’t believe it; I’m so excited!  I’m the type of person who gets hyped up for everything, even just to start the training. Since last year was my first marathon ever I really didn’t know what to expect during the training process. Each week I increased mileage and each Saturday morning long run was further than I had ever ran before…16 miles, 18 miles, 20 miles.  I couldn’t believe what I was capable of!  BUT, now I KNOW what I am capable of doing. I have tweaked my training a bit this year, run days, lift days, etc. But overall what worked for me last year, worked, so I am confident using that training style again. I also like to tell myself, “trust the training.”  At the end of this 13 weeks training cycle I will be ready to #runtheyo with my friend Lauren Thomas ~ shout out to Ravenna native, but currently living in the Washington, D.C. area, who is coming in to town to run the Marathon again with me this year.

I also need to remind myself not to just check my runs of my calendar, but to actually stay present in the moment and “enjoy the process.” This is a stressful time of year for teachers with state test these next few weeks and also once it gets warm and sunny, the kids start to act a bit like wild animals HA….and please, please, please don’t get me started on senioritis. lol  The 13 week training program has me focused on a goal that I can and I will achieve come June 3 by completing my 2nd Youngstown Marathon.

I hope you will follow along with my journey on my blog, instagram, twitter or Facebook page.  Just a small apology in advance….when my legs are tired, I’m hungry, my hairs knotty please excuse whatever comment I make to you that was out of character because remember, I’m training lol….also, “forget what I say at mile 22!” (running humor)


Until next time.



Why fit in when you were born to stand out…..

My entire life I never felt like I truly fit in….Sure, I fit in on my summer softball team growing up.  Of course, I fit in playing high school varsity sports.  But, I “fit in” during the season, at practice, and/or during the game. But outside of the season or during the regular school day, I never really fit in.  I was the girl that was socially awkward growing up.  It was so bad that the first month of ninth grade, I ate lunch in a bathroom stall!  Ugh, because none of my middle school friends had the same lunch period that I did. I always had a few close friends growing up in grade school, then in high school and even in college I always had a core group of friends.  I don’t want anyone to read this and think that I never had any friends. However, I recently noticed a change in myself.  I realized that I was contacting other people to meet me to run.  For the past 5 years, I’ve always ran alone in my own solitude….music blaring, completely alone.  Running with others has given me a new freedom to running; it makes you not feel so alone.  It definitely makes the time go by a lot faster, and the miles fly by.  It’s been a fun challenge to run with people faster than me; there is no way that I will ever quit, stop, or give up….therefore, the only option is to just keep running and keep up with them.   I have also noticed that my demeanor has changed at races. I used to be the woman sitting alone in the corner stretching and reading a magazine pre-race.  Now, I am trying to socialize more and enjoy the other runner’s company.  Don’t worry, I’m still doing all the weird “pre-race” rituals that we each do! HA

I’ve always wanted to find that core group of friends and people to be around where I fit in and can be myself.  I have found that within the running community.  Out of nowhere this weekend, I realized that at the Chilly Cheeks Challenge where it was in the 40’s and rained on and off the entire time.  We are all in this together; we are racing against ourselves….our on PR’s…. to be better…. to do better… for OURSELVES.  We are each others cheerleaders, encouraging others when they need it or even when they don’t.

The movie “Mona Lisa Smile” stars Julia Roberts (2003) as a college professor at an all-female college set in 1953. Many of the young women want to fit in; however, Julia Roberts character is quoted telling them, “why fit in when you were born to stand out?” I see both sides to this quote. Let’s face it, everyone wants to fit in, but maybe it is better to stand out.  I think there must be a compromise to this….yes, I want to fit in to my surroundings, but at the same time, I do want to stand out.  If you have ever felt like this, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The gym…..another place that I feel like my true self.  I can socialize with other people when I want to, or drown out my thoughts with music when I want to.  Regardless, I feel like I finally fit in amongst the other people at the gym who are also there working on themselves.

I enjoy all my friends, old friends, as well as new friends.  It’s a great feeling to finally feel accepted and to fit in amongst a community of people.  Thank you to my running friends for giving me this euphoric feeling; I owe you a run!

Until next time,



My Rock

We all have that person that we go to for EVERYTHING….you know, to complain to when you’re frustrated, to whine to when you had a bad day, to take out your anger on because you’re mad at someone/something else.  For me, my rock is my Mom, Shelly…on social media though I like to refer to her as Shelllllyyyyyyy!  (Btw, people now yell that to her when they see her in town). She’s my entire world and I don’t tell her that enough.   I was reminded of it during my Christmas vacation from work when I would go over to my parents house to visit or watch what feels like another weekend of football, HA.  You see, when I’m there she always makes sure to fill the house with my favorites: my favorite cereal, or almond milk, or peanuts, even clementines.  Now, she doesn’t need to do this, but she constantly goes out of her way to ensure my happiness.

Last weekend when I ran in 10 degree weather, with a negative real feel temperature, due to wind chill; I got back to my condo and went to take a hot bath and I had NO hot water.  I text my Mom and the first thing she said was, “Come on over, I’ll start a bath here for you.”  I showed up in a robe and uggs; she had the hot bath ready for me with clean towels sitting out.  I’m sure some of you are thinking, wow, this girl is spoiled.  Which might be the case, but I think that I am lucky to have a Mom like mine.  She even had lunch ready for me once I got out of the hot bath…..amazing!

I can’t tell you the amount of times that I call her to complain about the weather…the rain, the cold, the windchill….the trails not being plowed…the list goes on and on when it comes to my running and the weather.!!  Once the cold winter subsides; I know that I will begin bugging her about my long runs, my tempo runs, speed work, lifting weights, marathon training, day after day, after week, after month until June 3. #runtheyo

She’s always been my shoulder to cry on when I’ve had a bad day, she’s been my lunch date, movie date when I just wanted to hang out.  I’ve always said that I will never be able to repay my Mom for everything she has done for me.  I take my Mom on an annual Cleveland Indians baseball trip every summer to watch the Indians play an away game. We pick a stadium that is iconic but also needs to include shopping (for me), and tourist attractions (for both of us) like aquariums, museums, and cool restaurants. We’ve been to the following stadiums: Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins. This year we are planning to see the St. Louis Cardinals and Detriot Tigers stadiums.

My hope is that each of you have your ROCK, someone that you can be there for you when you need them, and even when you don’t…..someone that despite all your annoyances (quirks, as my Mom says), loves you, for YOU.

I love you Mom.

XoXo….until next time (I hope the snow is gone and the temps are NOT below 20* )

We can’t control the weather #runtheyo

So, I was emailing my runner friend, Lauren, my complaints about the weather….I just don’t understand how last week I would have to wait to run in the late morning or early afternoon until it warmed up from negative 12 degrees (with a wind chill of negative 22 degrees).  This week it is going to be in the 40’s or 50’s but rain everyday (during daylight hours); plus by the weekend we will have anywhere from 5-8 inches of fresh new snow on the ground Saturday morning when most runners like to go on our long runs.  So I fought through last week with negative temperatures and managed to get all my runs in outside, but this week I’m dodging rain!  Plus, the trail is sooooo snow covered, I’ve been running on the neighborhood streets and dodging cars ~ yesterday, I dodged an electric toy car!!  I know, I know…these are all “first world problems,” like one of my teacher friends always says (Shout out to Mrs. S at RHS).

……still emailing a friend with additional complaints on the weather….PLUS, we are running out of daylight – the sun sets by 5 PM.  Did I mention that I’m a control freak?!…but, like Lauren reminded me, “RELAX, you can’t control the weather.”   Also, let’s not forget what these cold temperatures are doing to my really long, wavy hair (see my Instagram pics for proof).

Did I mention that I hate winter and live in Ohio!?  I just keep telling myself, it’s only a few more weeks, months….but, at this point I’m thankful for 30 degrees!   I can’t drive my sports car …..my skin is dry and flaky….somehow I’m still tan though (HA, bronzer helps).

Marathon training starts in a few more weeks, so if the weather could just perk up by late February, or early March that will help…..until then I’ll keep driving my “beater,” dodge cars/toys in the street, spend a small fortune on hair oil and deep conditioner.






Balance…not as easy as it sounds

In my last blog entry I wrote about being a control freak; this time I’ll talk about “balance”….to which I really struggle with.  You see, I’m an “all in” type of person, an “all or nothing” kind of girl.  If I am going to do something, I’m going to be extremely passionate about it.  It will consume me….my thoughts, my dreams, my 24/7.   But, that’s me and I understand that about myself and I’m trying to gain balance in my life.

I recently read, “Milk and Honey,” a lot of my female students were reading it so I thought I should read it too as a common interest to share with them. (Shout out to Madison M. for allowing me to borrow her book).  One page in particular (see picture) describes me 100%.   I’ve always felt like I live two different lives, Miss. Toth from morning until 2:30 PM and Chrissy for the rest of the day.  But there needs to be some-type of balance, why can’t I be both of those people all the time, I wonder. To truly be myself, all the time, would give my life balance. I’m so regimented…what time I go to bed, what time I get up, what time I eat, workout, run, etc.  I feel that is ok to be so strict with certain aspects of life, but at the same time a little spontaneity might go along way toward creating balance.

I want to balance work-time, family-time, lifting, running……sleeping! lol So, in this new year 2018, I would like to create more balance in my life, let’s not forget prioritizing sleep and I also told myself that I’m going to stretch and foam roll more.  Baby steps, right?

Until next time, may you all find your balance.